Yogurt and Fruit at it’s Best!

My strong feelings about using top-quality feta cheese in your Greek salad are also reflected in using the best Greek yogurt in your parfaits. I’ve tried almost all of the Greek yogurts on the market, and I can recommend these as the top three:

1. Olympus Greek Yogurt (the only brand imported from Greece!)

2. Fage - Try their new flavors like acai blueberry!

3. Trader Joe's: If you can't find either Olympus or Fage, this is an acceptable option.

Now, for the parfait! Have fun mixing your favorite fruits and yogurts in layers, and top with some granola or nuts! Mine has white peaches, banana, and strawberries, with peach and plain Olympus yogurt, topped with Mango granola! Yum!


2 thoughts on “Yogurt and Fruit at it’s Best!

  1. As I am having a greek yogurt right now, I must comment on your post! I love greek yogurt and the way you use it is just “PARFAIT” (understand “Perfect” in French). Thanks for your blog!

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