Almond Croissant-How To

Since it’s Friday, I decided to get a little treat this morning. There are so many bakeries to choose from, but I was running a little late, so the (fairly) new French Bakery across the street from work, Epicerie Boulud, was where I went.

There were many tempting options, but I had in mind an almond croissant. I love all croissants, but for some reason the powdered sugar on top and the gooey almond filling gets me every time!

It was everything I expected, and a wonderful treat with a little sparkling orange juice, but I had one problem- how was I supposed to eat this without making a HUGE mess?!

The French are known for their manners and elegance, so I’m sure they know how to eat this flaky pastry with grace. But it seems as if every method I tried, left either my fingers sticky, or the croissant in tiny flakes.

How do you eat your croissant? I’m seeking advice….


3 thoughts on “Almond Croissant-How To

  1. Four big bites and you’re done! That’s my advice! You had French pastry AND almond croissant (my favorite – you know that) without me? Not sure I’ll forgive you! 😉 It looks so delicious!

  2. Haha thanks for the advice! You’re right, of all the methods of eating, I didn’t try that! Don’t worry, I’m up for another croissant with my French roommate anytime! 🙂 so far payard bakery is the best, I think!

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