Food Deals in NYC!


The Korilla Truck (Korean Food Truck) is handing out Free LUNCH to the first 100 people in line, courtesy of the Food Network on Friday. The location has not been announced, so you have to watch their Twitter! If you’re lucky, they’ll be near you!

Today, get $1 fruit soft serve with unlimited toppings when you mention the “anniversary special”. I’ll definitely be trying this place out today! It’s soft serve, but instead of ice cream, it’s fruit sorbet! There are 2 locations in Manhattan, so go today!

**update on the soft serve! I went today during my lunch break and the fruit is EXTRA fresh, and the soft serve tastes very refreshing and light with this hot weather!**

This Saturday, there will be a Food Truck event at the South Street Seaport called “Parked”. There will be 30+ food trucks parked there for you to enjoy! Seems like a great way to try lots of good food without running around the city.

Have fun!


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