Kimchi Omelette

Last night when I got home I was too tired to cook anything, but I still wanted something hot to eat because the weather was a little cool last night. I looked into the fridge, and saw nothing but veggies, so I made an omelette! I put in some zucchini, tomatoes, spinach, and green peppers, and a little salt and pepper. But when I finished cooking and tasted it, I felt a little disappointed….it really didn’t have much flavor. I wished I had added a little garlic or onion, but it was too late!

But I had an idea…we had a little extra kimchi in the fridge! So I poured the kimchi right in the middle of the omelette, and spread the red spicy sauce all over the omelette. I tasted again, and now it had the kick and flavor I was looking for! Try it with your next omelette! You can get kimchi at your Korean take-out place or HMart!

By the way, I think I just took a huge step into becoming more Asian…(^_^)(^o^)


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