Back to School

Isn’t it funny how every year at this time, there’s a feeling in the air of back-to-school, even if you aren’t heading to the classroom? I woke up this morning, and was reminded of days waking up before the sun rose, eating breakfast wishing I had gotten just a few more minutes of sleep, and running out the door to catch the bus carrying at least 5 lbs of books on my back. And although I hated sitting through hours of class and spending my free time studying, back to school season was always exciting. There was something about meeting up with friends after a long summer, finding new classes, organizing school supplies, and being on a busy schedule that made school fun!

This fall, along with back-to-school memories, has come a craving I can’t quite explain: peanut butter and jelly! I know a lot of people find it a comforting part of their childhood, so maybe that’s where it’s stemming from, but I can’t get enough! I’ve been eating everything peanut-butter lately: cereal, cookies, oatmeal…you name it! And luckily for me, Pinkberry‘s seasonal frozen yogurt is PB + J! I think it’ll just make this back-to-school feeling complete, don’t you?! 😉



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