Kale Chips

Kale is a superfood! Just over the past year or two kale has come out of nowhere, leaving poor, old spinach in the dust! It’s hardier, has more vitamins, and keeps longer in the fridge. I recently bought some of this healthy veggie, but after eating  kale sauteed with garlic and oil a few nights in a row, I got a little bored. I wanted to try something different with kale, but I wasn’t ready to try making the “green monster smoothies” that mask bitter veggies under bananas. Kale chips seemed like a tastier option.

I had seen many recipes for kale chips, but never attempted making them before because it seemed too good to be true. Each recipe claimed it was so simple and easy. But how could it be so simple if they charged $8 for a bag at Whole Foods!? I thought there must be some secret I was missing.

I studied a while before deciding on what to flavor my chips with. I thought I’d play it safe and stay away from anything too spicy or cheesy. Olive oil and salt, with a few little additions seemed good to me, so I sprinkled the seasoning on and baked the kale. Guess what? They were as delicious and simple as everyone claims! What was a bunch of kale quickly disappeared. You could have fooled me that my crispy, salty snack was actually a plate full of fiber and vitamin-rich veggies. Yum!



2 thoughts on “Kale Chips

  1. sounds yummy! can’t wait to try this out. i looooveee kale, i usually cook mine with tomatoes and garlic and add a little red wine vinegar, soooo good- you should try it!

    ps im loving this blog! 🙂


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