No Frozen Meal Here!

Have you taken a look in the frozen food section in your grocery store lately? It’s packed with prepared entries from cuisines across the world. Sometimes I wander past and can’t believe how many options there are. But whenever I’m tempted to buy one for a quick, convenient meal, I remind myself of the disappointment I always face after eating frozen meals. The flavors are muted, it doesn’t taste fresh, and often it’s much more unhealthy than I would like. So tonight I decided to show you a full meal prepared in about 30 minutes, with fresh, inexpensive ingredients.

Tonight’s Menu:

  • tilapia (Trader Joe’s), coated in panko and pan-seared in a little butter and chicken stock with saffron and white wine
  • spinach and chive pasta (Trader Joe’s), boiled and tossed with olive oil
  • grilled squash, peppers, onions, and mushrooms
  • whipped sweet potato
  • cornbread (not pictured), followed directions on box and added 1/4 can sweet corn

See, it’s so simple to prepare something healthy and fresh without too much time. You just have to have some creativity (or just find something from the millions of recipes available online!)


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