Momofuku Milk Bar

A few weeks ago, the famous Momofuku Milk Bar opened a new location on the Upper West Side on 87th and Columbus. Since the weather was so nice today, I decided to walk over there on my lunch break. Here’s your first look inside!

It's a really small place, but very cute and charming


There's lots to choose from! The most famous are their pork buns, crack pie, and compost cookie. The head pastry chef is known for mixing together irresistible flavor combinations.


Their croissants were very unusual flavors as well, but looked appealing! They had pistachio and barley/rye.


The pies are supposed to be amazing, but they looked very rich, so I decided to pass for today.


This was my treat for the day: a compost cookie. It's filled with a somewhat random mix of goodies such as pretzels, potato chips, chocolate, butterscotch, graham cracker crumbs, and coffee grounds. (I'm pretty sure I left out a few ingredients in that list.) It had the most delightful chewy texture!


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