More veggies!

It seems as though I’ve been eating a lot of processed snack foods lately. And I really don’t even have the excuse that I’m too busy or too tired to prepare healthy snacks…it’s just that I love eating chips and crackers and cookies!! 😊 But my body is telling me that I need a break from those goodies (for now!) and in the meantime I’ll try to incorporate more fresh foods when I want to snack.

Here’s a great leafy green to give you extra energy for the rest of the week: mustard greens! They have a slight bitter taste and a great chew. I sautéed them with garlic, salt, handashi (seasoning found at Japanese or Asian stores), and a splash of sesame oil. Chop the long stems into about 4 or 5 even sections, and cook the stalks first, before the leaves. This veggie cooks down to about 50% of the volume, so be sure to cook enough! Top with sesame seeds and enjoy!



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