Super Ramen!

I love to eat ramen! But before you start thinking I’m crazy, I have to explain that this in not the ramen you are probably used to. This is not the ramen otherwise known as the poor-college-student’s meal. This is not cup-o-noodles. This ramen is filled with nutritious goodies, and is the perfect meal when you’re too tired to cook, but want something warm and fulfilling.

Here’s the secret: I add TONS of fresh veggies, like broccoli, napa cabbage, bok choy, and bean sprouts. I also throw in a dumpling, fish cakes, and imitation crab (all found in the frozen section of your Asian grocery store.) Then add a few strips of tofu and don’t forget your fried egg on top! If you have seaweed and cilantro, you can throw that in too as a garnish.

Although this is a great way to get your veggies and protein, most ramen packets are still packed with a lot of sodium, so I try not to eat it more than once a week. But trust me…if you start preparing your ramen like this, you’ll never go back!


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