Thai Curry: Homemade!

Do you love curry as much as I do? It’s filled with so many vibrant flavors and spices, it’s like a surprise in every bite! Not to mention the creaminess of the coconut flavor…I love it!

Last night I made my first attempt to cook Thai curry at home. I am usually intimidated by the large amount of spices and herbs that are in curry recipes, but I found a wonderful curry paste at our local Asian grocery store that makes it so simple! (You can also buy it at Whole Foods if you don’t have an Asian grocery.)

All you do is add coconut milk (I used the light version from Trader Joe’s),  chicken or vegetable broth, and veggies/protein of your choice! Then serve over rice. It’s that easy, so now you don’t have an excuse not to try it yourself!

Here’s my version:

Red Thai Curry

        • 1 can Maesri red curry paste
        • 1 can light coconut milk
        • 1.5 cups chicken broth
        • 1 green bell pepper
        • 1 lb chicken drumsticks
        • 3-4 scallions
        • 1/2 large onion
        • 1 sweet potato
        • handful bokchoy, spinach, and/or beansprouts


First, cook onions and pepper until soft and set aside. Then brown chicken in pan. In a separate pot, combine curry paste, coconut milk, broth, and scallions under low heat for a few minutes. Then add chopped potato and chicken. I think it’s best to leave the chicken on the bone while cooking to get the best tenderness on the meat, but you can take it off if you prefer. Simmer until potatoes are soft and chicken is cooked (about 30-40 min). Then add remaining veggies for a minute or so and serve over rice or with noodles. This fed only two hungry people last night (we were very sad not to have leftovers), so if you have more to feed, double or triple the recipe! Enjoy.


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