Koryodang Bakery in Fort Lee!

You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this bakery to open! Since the sign went up on the empty store-front window, “Koryodang Bakery and Cafe,” 3 or 4 months ago, I’ve been so anxious! I know I have plenty of other Korean bakeries to choose from in Fort Lee, but this one would include a full cafe with bubble teas, coffee, and dessert drinks. Also, it would have a wonderful large seating area, which many of the other bakeries lacked. And the reputation following this bakery was amazing…they would fly in their chef from Korea!

So for the past few months, as I walked to and from work every day, I would peer in the windows of this bakery to see the progress, and try and get a sense of when it would finally open. A few weeks ago, I started seeing staff training and taste-testing, and I knew it was coming soon! So this morning, I took a walk after the heavy snow yesterday and decided to see if the bakery was open…and it was! It was even greater than I imagined, with cheery staff, a whole wall of various breads, and 3 cases of beautiful cakes. See for yourself!


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