My New Favorite Veggie

I often get bored of the options in the produce section of the grocery store. There doesn’t seem to be much variety anymore…or maybe that’s because I’ve tried everything so many times already. That’s why I feel so lucky to be really close to a number of international grocery stores. I can always count on seeing something new that I probably couldn’t even pronounce.
The veggie I’m sharing today was one of those discoveries. It is so tasty that I have eaten it for the past three days as a side to my dinner! Unfortunately, it is pretty hard to find. Hmart doesn’t even carry it, so we stopped by the Chinese store.

The cooking is simple: sauté with oil, lots of garlic, salt, and a little sesame oil and lite soy sauce if desired. Cook the stalks first and then the leaves. I promise you, you’ll enjoy it!




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