Paris Baguette

Bakeries are my kind of place. They’re perfect for relaxing, catching up with friends, and enjoying something sweet.

I’m lucky enough to have a great selection of Korean bakeries right by my apt! This weekend we went to a chain called Paris Baguette. They have everything from fluffy breads and flaky pastries to macaroons and beautiful cakes.

In fact, their cakes are so pretty (and delicious!) that I would buy them for every special occasion if I could!

Take a look at these two:



Just gorgeous!! Check their website for several locations.


Koryodang Bakery in Fort Lee!

You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this bakery to open! Since the sign went up on the empty store-front window, “Koryodang Bakery and Cafe,” 3 or 4 months ago, I’ve been so anxious! I know I have plenty of other Korean bakeries to choose from in Fort Lee, but this one would include a full cafe with bubble teas, coffee, and dessert drinks. Also, it would have a wonderful large seating area, which many of the other bakeries lacked. And the reputation following this bakery was amazing…they would fly in their chef from Korea!

So for the past few months, as I walked to and from work every day, I would peer in the windows of this bakery to see the progress, and try and get a sense of when it would finally open. A few weeks ago, I started seeing staff training and taste-testing, and I knew it was coming soon! So this morning, I took a walk after the heavy snow yesterday and decided to see if the bakery was open…and it was! It was even greater than I imagined, with cheery staff, a whole wall of various breads, and 3 cases of beautiful cakes. See for yourself!

Momofuku Milk Bar

A few weeks ago, the famous Momofuku Milk Bar opened a new location on the Upper West Side on 87th and Columbus. Since the weather was so nice today, I decided to walk over there on my lunch break. Here’s your first look inside!

It's a really small place, but very cute and charming


There's lots to choose from! The most famous are their pork buns, crack pie, and compost cookie. The head pastry chef is known for mixing together irresistible flavor combinations.


Their croissants were very unusual flavors as well, but looked appealing! They had pistachio and barley/rye.


The pies are supposed to be amazing, but they looked very rich, so I decided to pass for today.


This was my treat for the day: a compost cookie. It's filled with a somewhat random mix of goodies such as pretzels, potato chips, chocolate, butterscotch, graham cracker crumbs, and coffee grounds. (I'm pretty sure I left out a few ingredients in that list.) It had the most delightful chewy texture!

Flushing is the new Chinatown

Slowly, Canal Street in Manhattan’s Chinatown is filling with tourists and fake Chanel bags, and losing its Chinese authenticity. Many of the Chinese are moving to the “new” Chinatown in Flushing, Queens. It’s cleaner, less crowded, safer, and has better restaurants!

Many New Yorkers have also caught on to the secrets of Flushing. Many food blogs, and even the New York Times have published maps and guides of “where to eat in Flushing.” The options are limitless, and probably the best you can find outside of Asia. I’ve done my fair share of exploring as well, and I can’t get enough! Here’s a little photo tour of some of my favorite places and the popular hand-drawn noodles. Next time you get the chance, take the 7 train all the way to the end and eat in Flushing!

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White Manna

In the past few weeks, I have seen the slider restaurant White Manna featured on TV by both Guy Fieri and Michael Psilakis from the Food Network, and Anthony Bourdain on “No Reservations.” Then I realized this burger place was just a 15-minute drive from my apartment! I think you can guess what happened next…

 My friends and I got in the car to get some burgers, of course! It wasn’t even time for dinner yet, but my mouth was watering. These sliders were approved by three top celebrity chefs as juicy, delicious, and cheap. What more could you ask for?

The burgers are in fact cheap, at $1.25 each. They are small, but satisfying, and you don’t need too many to fill up. Typical toppings are grilled onions and cheese, but you can request tomato and lettuce for an extra 50 cents.

I tried the sliders with both topping combinations, and was equally pleased with both. The burgers come on a potato bun that brings out just the right flavors of sweetness with the juice and fat of the ground beef. I would say these burgers live up to their hype, but just be ready to wait in line for a bit!

A few tips for newbies:

-Skip the fries — they’re nothing special. This will give you more room for burgers!

-Accept the attitude: This place is not known for its service. Just eat and keep to yourself and enjoy 🙂

-Call in your order and skip the line when you get there!

Photos by Jesse Yang.