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Handmade Journal Kits!

Instead of a recipe today, I wanted to share something special I’ve been working on. Recently I’ve been learning various bookbinding methods and making handmade journals. I love making the journals from scratch because the finished product is so special.  I love being able to customize everything about the journal, from the papers to the size.  And just like cooking and baking, I get to take a variety of ingredients or materials and turn them into a beautiful finished product.

If you’re reading this, you know how much I like to share the things I love, so I wanted to create a journal-making kit so you can make one too! All the materials and tools are included, and everything is pre-cut. The kit includes a detailed instruction manual with illustrations to guide you through the steps. You even get to choose your favorite paper design for the cover of the journal! Check out the kits at www.paperbymaria.com. They make great gifts for the Holidays!